There’s a huge range of benefits of  CBD Oil, we recommend you to have a small google on what this can do for you and how it will benefit you. You can also read about how other people are using it and what amounts are best to take. We provide you with a recommended serving size of our products but we know this isn’t perfect for everyone, so it also great to try out which is best for you too.

Every CBD oil is provided in our bottles with pipettes provided so you can easily drop this under your tongue as recommended.


Step One

It is best to shake the bottle well before use every time as the blend of hemp can separate once sat still for a period of time, this is completely natural and 100% expected. If you do not shake the bottle, the CBD will separate from the oil and you will be consuming minimal CBD which doesn’t taste great and won’t have the benefits you want either! We recommend keeping an eye on how it settles and blends when shaken so you know when to use it, it normally mixes quickly. Our dark bottles are perfect for our CBD oils as these block light to reduce damage to the CBD.

Step Two

After mixing, squeeze the sucker on the pipette to suck up the oil. Place the desired drops underneath your tongue and hold there for up to 60 seconds before consuming. This lastens the effect of the CBD and is more beneficial. You can also swish this around your mouth if you wish but most prefer to let it sit. The flavour and after taste can be very strong, so also prefer to take a drink as they swallow the drops to reduce this. Repeat this as required through the day.

Step Three

The natural oils and extracts will work within your system to help provide you with the benefits you wish, for best usage, it is recommended to use for at least two weeks consistently to allow these to build up in your system for maximum benefit. If this doesn’t work, you are more than likely consuming too little and you will have to up the dosage.

If you have any questions regarding our CBD oils you can get in touch with us via Live Chat or email, we are happy to answer any questions about our CBD or usage!

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