New Hemp Relax  10mg Capsules Now in Stock!

Due to high demand for a CBD capsule, we are pleased to announce that our new Hemp Relax CBD capsules are now in stock! These capsules contain 10mg each of CBD which is the equivalent to four drops of our 5% CBD Oil.

What’s in the capsules?

Each capsule is filled with 10mg CBD Isolate and 386mg Hemp Powder (Cannabis Sativa).  Taking capsules has many advantages. The taste of CBD oil is not always experienced as pleasant. By using the capsules, you do not taste the intake of the CBD oil. In addition, the amount of intake at each capsule is exactly equal, where determining the exact amount of drops can sometimes be a little more difficult. Many customers use our 10mg CBD capsules as part of their daily wellness plan, almost like a daily vitamin. Hemp Relax CBD Capsules provide long lasting effects.

What is the difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules?

The simple difference would be in delivery method.

CBD Oil, usually referred to as ‘tincture’, will kick in faster than capsules will, especially if held under the tongue. CBD Capsules, on the other hand, usually take longer to kick in, and exert stronger effects on hepatic metabolism and gut health. Many people who have digestive problems prefer capsules for this reason.  So we say, swallowing a single capsule can take 30 to 100 minutes for the effects to set in but the duration will last longer than alternative delivery methods.

Are CBD Capsules legal in the UK?

Yes, because the substance CBD is not psycho-active (won’t get you “high”), CBD oil and capsules are 100% legal in all of Europe.


To find out more about Hemp Relax™ CBD Capsules, check them out in our shop.


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