Great ways to use CBD Oil!

Stuck on some great ideas on how you can consume our CBD Oil? Then we have you covered! Normally CBD Oil is consumed by using the pipette to drop these under your tongue but here are some other great recommendations and ideas to get you started with your great benefits!

This is a great way for anyone to consume CBD, it takes a little bit more time and prepping as expected but is worth it afterwards! The best way to produce the most effect/benefits out of cooking it to slow boil the CBD Oil before adding to other intended baking goods. You can do this best by taking 1 part CBD oil, 4 part coconut oil and 2 part water and combine. Stick this in a pan and boil on low heat until bubbling to extract the most you can. After this take off the heat and allow to harden back into coconut oil and use the CBD infused coconut oil in any of your cooking/baked goods! This is a great method as it can provide an easy to consume CBD product after without having to carry the CBD oil on you. It is also proven that edible food supplements have a longer lasting effect than any other!

This is our last alternative way to consume/use CBD oil and its one you will love! CBD Oil can be added directly to the skin which the skin will then absorb and soak into the cells directly and completely avoid your bloodstream! This option is great for those looking for isolated relief or to address skin conditions as they can be applied directly to the area in need and is best used this way. Here are some examples of the best products you can add the CBD Oil to: Shampoo, Moisturizer, Lotions, Skin Creams, Body Wash.


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